decorative electric fireplaces
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It’s time to look into a safe and easy way to provide your home with electric fireplaces that are unique and with the times. It’s time for Magikflame!


If you’re ready to stay home and relax on those cold and snowy winter nights, then it’s time for Magikflame – The first electric fireplace that’s been built for those homeowners who want to entertain or simply enjoy the coziness of a crimson fire.


At you will be able to read about the only electric fireplace that’s realistic with genuine flames and ruby coals that blaze with a delicate smoke effect. The authentic looking painted logs glow and blush from the inside. These logs are lit using low power and carefully tinted LED pulsating lamps from the inside that give resemblance to real burning timber. Oh! What a feeling of warmth and comfort! Even the embers glow!



The 24 micro-controlled yellow and orange diode LED lamps will light up and shine in the dark creating a feeling of warmth and security. No need to worry about cleaning out the soot and mess, because there is none!


Easy to clean and maintain; it’s hassle-free. Even the logs which emit a pine scent make a pleasant cracking sound!


It’s time to get this new electric fireplace so you can show it off this winter to your friends and family.

heater coil


With a 4600 BTU coil heater you can now heat-up every room on any winter night with this efficient electric fireplace. No need to stock up on wood anymore. Your home will look clean and beautiful and while the fireplace emits a fresh pine scent that can be enjoyed by all who visit.



Whether it’s turned on or off, your new fireplace will be an elegant conversation piece. The hand-made crown molding has been built with sophistication in mind and quality that compliments any type of ambiance and décor. There’s a wood holder made with an antique brass look for added luxury to this piece of furniture that doubles as a charming fireplace.



Pets and children will always be safe around this heating element, as it’s not like any traditional or other man made electric fireplace. There’s nothing that will burn or smolder, so there’s no risk of fire or hot embers flying around. No hazardous fumes, and no carbon monoxide emission from Best of all there’s no need to cut or purchase real firewood, or clean and sweep soot or ashes from the hearth.


Unlike other electric fireplaces that are built into the house, Magikflame is portable and there are multi-colors to choose from to match any room. You can save money on electricity by only heating the rooms that are cold and necessary with the switch of a button.


There are different size inserts available from 26 inches to 42 inches. Custom fireplace units are also available with or without pine scents, cracking sounds or vivid visuals.


Delivery at your door-step is year round and installation is one of the complimentary services provided to customers who are eager to get their Magikflame before the weather gets cold. You can even get one as a piece of high end décor and a beautiful finish to your home wherever you may live.