outdoor electric fireplace
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┬áPortable Electric Fireplace – A Guide for Beginners

Electric fireplaces are wonderful little inventions that changed the area in the house that generally housed a traditional fireplace. As the name implies, they are run electrically and when it is turned on, they will generate a flame. Therefore, at first glance, it may look like a regular fireplace burning wood, coal or gas. Once an electrical fireplace is installed it cannot be used to burn any other substance. Just because it is not producing heat using traditional materials it does not mean you can be complacent about using it. This also includes the best electric fireplace.

Outdoor Electric Fireplace


portable electric fireplace

Overall, electric fireplaces are safe and also safer compared to other types of fireplaces. Another added benefit is that you do not need ventilation such as chimneys to install one. That means, if the house is not built from the ground up to have a fireplace, then no problem, an electric fireplace will do.

The following are some things to keep in mind when installing an electric fireplace.

Electric fireplaces use a heating element to produce heat. This means when switched on avoid touching anywhere around the heating element. This includes the trimming around the heating element.

Most electric fireplaces will have two vents. One for intake of fresh air and the other to discharge warm air. Just be sure that these vents are not obstructed when in operation.

All flammable items such as clothes, cloth used for furniture, and wooden furniture should be kept at a safe distance. Most fireplaces require four feet on all sides of the fireplace to maintain a safe environment.

outdoor electric fireplace

Portable Electric Fireplace

Before installing an electric fireplace, make sure all the parts are working and there is no damage. A common problem is a faulty cord or plug. If this is noticed then it should be taken back to wherever it was bought from. And when the heater is not in use it should be unplugged as a safety precaution. The cord itself should be placed in a safe place, a place that does not see any foot traffic. Best to avoid running the electrical cord under carpet and furniture.

As everyone knows, water and electricity is not a good combination. Therefore, never install a portable electric fireplace in bathrooms or any other place where there is likely to be a water source. Another place to avoid using a portable electric fireplace would be outdoors. These are to be used strictly indoors.

It is always better to follow the manual when using them. Never do any alterations or modifications to them. This also includes not using to burn anything. Avoid putting paper or any other foreign objects in them when using it.

Whatever plugs are used make sure the plug or is properly grounded and polarized. It should have its own fuse units. If in doubt about this, it is better to have an electrician install it for you. Likewise, even the best electric fireplace should be plugged into a wall unit, and not into an extension cord.